Some of Major Tourist Attractions in Sukkur City

Sukkur is a city of Sindh province along the western bank of the Indus River. Sukkur is the third largest city in Sindh after Karachi and Hyderabad and is 12th most populous city in Pakistan. The weather is very hot in summer, and in winter it becomes cold but bearable and even enjoyable. That’s why many tourist and visitors usually visit the place in the winter season. Major attractions in the city are mentioned below which you should check out if you happen to visit it!

Rohri Arore [ The Ruins of Historical City]

Arore is the ancient capital of Sindh but now it’s in ruins. There is one 1,300 years old mosque constructed by the invader Bin Qasim which is also considered to be the first mosque in South Asia. The fort of Arore is also 90% destroyed and only a few walls are visible. There is also a Hindu temple in a cave, where many people still go to this day. Nearby Arore, there’s a hillock alone away from other hills. It is a great place for trekking and gives an amazing view.

The Tomb of Seven Sisters

This monument is dedicated to seven sisters who are buried there. Legend has it that they died when one of the cruel Rajas of that time tried to get hold of them. Mir Abu-al-Qasim ordered to build the tomb of those seven sisters at the same place, the material is used similar to the material used in Makli Hill Graveyard. There are Quranic verses written on their tombs as well as the interior of the structure. This place is beside the Indus River with a view of one of the most magnificent Barrages.

Sadh Belo

Sadhu Belo is an old Hindu Temple. It is situated on island inside river Indus and Hindu pilgrims visit it regularly. The intricate art works on the marble walls of the temples show impeccable scenery of heaven and hell alongside each other. The statues of Hindu Gods and Holy Hindu scriptures are kept here. It’s a serene place for meditation which attracts a lot of Hindu pilgrims, visitors and the tourists.

Masoom Shah Jo Minaro

Minaro means tower. This tower besides the tomb is engineered really well. It is difficult to build such a high tower with only brick masonry. It has circular stairs inside it and is decorated with floral work and poetry of Mir Masoom Shah on main entrances. From the top of this tower one can see the whole Sukkur city. It was constructed by Mir Masoom Shah, the governor of Sukkur during Mughal emperor Akbar’s era.

Sukkur Barrage

This bridge is very classical and was constructed a long time ago. It’s quite a long barrage, having 66 water control gates which makes it the longest barrage in Sindh. It is a really beautiful structure. Sukkur Barrage is a Colonial Architecture masterpiece. It is one of the major irrigation systems in the world.


Lab-e-Mehran is a famous garden in Sukkur. It is situated on the right bank of Indus River, adjacent to the Sukkur Barrage. It was built at a cost of 120 million rupees, and is still under development. There is a separate family area with a small hotel. There is also a yacht and boat riding facility. The garden has many beautiful plants

Lansdowne Bridge

Built over a hundred years ago, it still is a very beautiful bridge to look at. It links the two cities of Sukkur and Rohri located on either side on river Sindh. When completed in 1889, the bridge was the “longest rigid girder bridge in the world.”

So place your visit to the interesting city of Sindh to behold amazing sights.


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