Some Interesting Facts About Amazing Atif Aslam!

It’s about Atif Aslam. You know he’s a super popular Pakistani pop singer and actor as well. He was born in a Muslim family in Pakistan on March 12, 1983 and currently he’s 33 year old. So I got 11 facts that I want to share with you that you may or may not.

  • Now do you know they keep it of a genius so when he went to school he was actually the youngest in his 10th grade he attended the school Kimberly hall and he graduated the 10th grade at the age of 14. However on average a person graduates at the age of 15 from the 10th grade.

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  • He actually would have been a cricket player that was one of his childhood passion. He actually became part of the Pakistani national cricket team and was selected for the national under-19 cricket team trial. But I could just imagine like if he was a cricketer maybe you would have been a superstar there as well but we never would have been blessed with his music I don’t know maybe it was his destiny to become a musician.
  • Since we are talking about his career in music, well initially his parents wanted him to have a career as being a doctor! Yeah very typical from every parent maybe a doctor, lawyer, accountant or something else that’s the real job. Well instead of pursuing the doctor route he actually tried to do computer engineering and according to him he actually sucked at it but he eventually found out about his singing from some of his friends.
  • His first performance was in an official competition for the Independence Day event at his college in 1998. His friends wanted him to compete in the competition and he ended up winning!

Atif Aslam with his Wife

  • Atif Aslam started his music career as a vocalist in a popular Pakistani band called Jal. He teamed up with Goher Mumtaz who’s the founder of the band and both of them often performed at small events in front of little crowds. But I mean he got to start somewhere right? start off small and look where he is now.
  • He recorded his first song with his own pocket money! so the story goes a little bit like this, half of the song came out within week boom it was a hit but initially yet no money to record the song at all, so in order to do that he drove local bands and he ended up earning 15,000 rupees which is equivalent two hundred and forty dollars USD and he used that money to record the song
  • The song that became so popular that it earned the status of an anthem in Pakistan. The song was so successful, he got on the radar of a major Bollywood producer Mahesh Butt and he invited him to India to record a song for his film Zeher
  • Now aside from singing he actually has another secret Talent, in an interview he revealed that “I also observed people very well in fact that’s how I make friends I can actually look into someone’s eyes and know what they want”.
  • Atif Aslam  has three brothers and he’s youngest among them. His eldest brother Shahzad is a photographer, the second older brother is Shabazz and he design clothes and then there is Shiraz who runs his fan page and website and that’s pretty amazing to see brothers working together they’re not hating on a team success that’s cool.
  • Now we spoke a little bit about his music but what about his acting! He made his film debut in the movie ball that film became pretty successful it was one of Pakistan’s highest grossing films of all time
  • He is actually the youngest recipient of Tamgha-e-Imtiaz which is a fourth highest honor given to any civilian in Pakistan based on their achievements!

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