Sohail Warraich’s Urdu Column عدنا صحافی بہمراہ نواز شریف

This Urdu column by Sohail Warraich was published in Dunya News on 11th July, 2017. The only political solution after this JIT report is elections. The ordinary journalist, as described in the column below, advises the Prime Minister, Nawaz Sharif, to meet with Imran Khan of PTI & Khurshid Shah of PPP to fix the date of elections. Instead of Prime Minister being questioned in Supreme Court every day, it’s better to finalize the names of interim government officials for elections. It’s better to go in front of the nation & let them decide through the electoral process.

Read Sohail Warraich’s column عدنا صحافی بہمراہ نواز شریف in Urdu:

Sohail Warraich Urdu Column Adna Sahafi Bhamrah Nawaz Shareef

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