Sohail Warraich’s Urdu Column صرف وزیراعظم کے لیے (For Prime Minister Only!)

This Urdu column by Sohail Warraich was published in Dunya News on 18th July, 2017. Sun that rises has to set. Everyone in power has to lose it someday. Nawaz Sharif has been in power, directly or indirectly for 35 years but now is the time to face some challenges. It’s his decision now if he wants to live in the history forever as a hero or as someone who was a coward! He has to decide.

Read Sohail Warraich’s column, صرف وزیراعظم کے لیے (For Prime Minister Only!), in Urdu:

Suhail Warraich Urdu Column Sirf Wazir E Azam Ke Liye

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