So, What Really is a Healthy Diet?

In the time of our grannies and great grannies, people did have a diet and did a meal prep for whole day. The women would simply cook a hundred chapati for a family of 8 and they would eat it all day. They would have their chapati with chuttni or saag, or any other veggie normally. The issue is that they had a routine of ploughing acres and other tough chores like handling the cattle or even get water form somewhere. But it was considered a healthy diet.

There is a commercial pretty viral these days saying that “achi sehat k liye kamm khana nahi, acha khana”, which is true. So, what is a healthy diet then? A healthy diet is having a balanced meal every day containing all the nutrients we need but keeping in view of how it affects your physical and mental activities. Getting edgy low on carbohydrates will make you mentally weak and having only protein will make your bowel movement wired. There are a lot of dietary trends these days, which include keto, intermittent fasting and God knows what. It is said “Have breakfast like a king, Lunch like a prince and dinner like a dervish”.

The key to being healthy is having a great satisfying breakfast. It is important to note that breakfast should never be confused with your lunch, making it a guilt all over. Early morning like seven-ish is the perfect time for breakfast. Then afternoon after duhar prayer, have a balanced lunch. Everyone should have snacks in between. Snacks are the key to make you crave less and keep you filled. Now by snacks I never mean the junk food. When you have had all this in your day, you will feel no hunger at night time, just drink milk and sleep. Next morning, you will have this peaceful empty stomach, ready for a full breakfast. Note: “Early to bed and early to rise, makes you have a better diet!”


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