Smoking Is Injurious To Health But…

Smoking is the most common addiction and smokers are given the hardest time for it. Sure, smoking is injurious to health of not only smokers but a lot of people are effected by second-hand smoke but why people are addicted to it regardless of gender and no, it’s not always the influence of company/friends.

Smoking Is Injurious To Health But..


Cigarettes contain substance known as nicotine that works as a depressant (properties that calms down your central nervous system) and a stimulant (properties that energize your central nervous system). High dose usually have a stimulant effect and low doses have a depressant effect. A person is more likely to get addicted when brain paths start to change, meaning continuous dose increases the tolerance level hence lessen the effect and that leads to desire of higher dose for expected result.

Smoking Is Injurious To Health But.

Now this is the biological explanation, what about the psychological one? Although, it is true that individuals are introduced to cigarettes through friends but the fact and the visible increase of adolescent as smokers could be because of the environment/stress. Call it a generation gap but communication is in an adverse mode and the troubled minds run faster than W 11 bus in Karachi.

Stop smoking now

Much of the youth is secretly attracted to it to smoke away the sorrow and stress. Even though with all possibilities it is 100% unhealthy but the harsh dialogues will only provoke the behavior in a more sneaky way. A better way to handle situation when a minor sibling or friend is caught smoking develop conversation and lightly ask what emotionally dragged them to this behavior and help/suggest better ways. If that is not the case then flying chapal is always available but generalizing all in one category is unjustified.


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