Smoking and Diabetes: What’s The Relation?

There’s absolutely no positive thing about smoking whatsoever, but today what I want to discuss is the relation between smoking and diabetes. Anyone who smokes knows or is expected to know the health risks they are voluntarily embracing, but there are some different reactions with diabetes.

Smoking is known to cause, or create more chances of getting diabetes type 2. With type 2 diabetes taking up at least 90% of the cause for diabetes worldwide, the link was obvious. In fact, smokers are 30-40 % more likely than non-smokers to develop diabetes. People who have diabetes already and who smoke are more likely to have uncontrolled diabetes.

What smoking does is damage cells and tissues, increasing inflammation, which also causes oxidative stress, which occurs when molecules called free radicals damage the cells. Both these conditions are linked to an increased link of diabetes.

To list a few of the various health risks that this situation causes in people with diabetes who smoke, these people are more likely to:

  • experience kidney and heart disease
  • have poor circulation leading to infections, ulcers, blood clots, or amputations
  • suffer eye diseases, such as retinopathy, that can cause blindness
  • experience nerve damage that leads to pain, tingling, and mobility impairments

Thus smoking not only completely destroys the body from head to toe, it also increases the chances of diabetes, and worsens the condition if taken up by present diabetes patients. And the solution to this can only be through quitting smoking, consulting a good doctor and firmly wanting to go towards the cure.

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