Sleeping With Eyes Open? Sadly, No More

We have our priorities sorted during the class. It could daydreaming, sleeping, chatting anything but being attentive to the teacher *definitely not targeted at everyone*. As it is said necessity is the mother of invention. It has become harder for teacher to keep track of student’s attention and hence facial recognition technology is here!! well, not here here we Pakistani are still safe but Chinese students are not.

Sorry, chinese but we can’t wait to daydream in next semester!!

Chinese police recently used a facial recognition system to arrest a suspect in crowd of 60,000 people and casually use it for supervision in exams. Now middle-school “the Hangzhou No.11” in china has introduced a facial recognition system for classes that can detect and alert teacher when students attention decrease to a certain level. It can also recognise expressions such as anger, annoyance, sadness, happiness and surprise (imagine teacher replying video of surprise test announcement, epic!)

The data system can be used to analyze the behavior of the entire class and of course this is a very efficient way to check class attendance” said a school official in an interview with ‘zhejiang daily’

The Camera would keep students alert and at best behavior since it is being recorded. It was further explained that the system is not only targeted toward students but through the expressions and attention teacher performance can be measured as well. This is a measure Pakistan research teams and government must adopt to measure the quality of public schools, colleges and universities.


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