Skip Wikipedia, Save Your Assignment!

Wikipedia, the first suggested site by google search engine for any information but in reality it should be the last or maybe not even considered. At college/university level we have diversity in students and many may not be into tech and the sad thing is not much of teachers tell these new babies how Wikipedia is the worst source of information.

maybe they don’t know about it as well ????

Why is it a bad source?

Wikipedia is more like a public site, it can easily be edited with an email id hence there is no way to confirm if the information is authentic.The figures are also sometimes outdated or even wrong.There is no citation of the facts and sometimes there is also indication “[citation needed]” to not only aware users but it is also a cry for help that if any one is aware, kindly update it. At the end of the Wikipedia page if you click the given citations there is a possibility that it would show error or site doesn’t exist. Sounds risky to put such information in an assignment, isn’t it. It is also pretty bad for expansion of knowledge you could be placing the wrong facts in the right argument. p.s: you can always borrow idea for heading from Wikipedia. *chuckles*

Along with Wikipedia avoid personal blogs that has no citation at all. For events quotation news websites such as BBC news or dawn are best source for authenticity and the whole scenario.At last but not least come up with a good keyword rather than typing the whole question or title in search engine, Through keywords results are manifold whereas whole sentence limits the results. Finally share this information with mates you think might not into research work so whatever information they dig up is at least useful.

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