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Dr. Sikandar Ali Shoro is a humble political figure of Pakistan. He is known for his welfare work. He is a member of the KPK assembly.

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Age and Education of Sikandar Ali Shoro

Dr. Sikandar Ali Shoro was born in Kotri. He was born on the 7th of March 1976. He is a Muslim and practices Islam. He has completed his basic education.

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Sikandar Shoro Family and Children

Dr. Sikandar Ali Shoro belongs to a strong a well-cultured family. He is living with his family. He is a happily married person and he is a proud father of 2 well-raised children. His father’s name is Nimro Khan Shoro. He has received immense support from his family and community.

Career in Politics of Sikandar Ali Shoro

Dr. Sikandar Ali Shoro is a known political figure who is serving in the existing Sindh Assembly. His tenure spans from the year 2013 to date. He is a wise person who has raised himself from the roots of politics. He has gotten a lot of support from the public. He tries to understand the issues faced by the people of his community. He is a promoter of equality, unity, justice, and progress. He has been a responsible candidate of his party. He is associated with the left wing of the political party known as Pakistan People’s Party (PPP). PPP is led by the known Asif Ali Zardari.

Dr. Sikandar Ali Shoro is also serving as a Parliamentary Secretary of Health. He is part of the constituency of PS-71 Jamshoro-I. He has been able to generate new ideas for the improvement of the health facilities for the people of his area.

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Contacting Sikandar Ali Shoro


Permanent Contact: House#952 Shoro House Eid Gah Road Sehawani Para Kotri Jamshoro.

Present Contact: Flat No.H-06 Tooba Apartment D.H.A Phase 1 Karachi

Contact:  Mobile. 03003032836

Address in Constituency: Flat No.H-06 Tooba Apartment D.H.A Phase 1 Karachi.


Mobile. 03003032836

Some Pictures of Sikandar Ali Shoro


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