Show Your Amma Some Special Love This Mother’s Day

As the month of May arrives, so does the special day celebrated around the globe in appreciation of mothers and motherhood alike. Yes, Mother’s Day, celebrated each year, on the second Sunday of May.

Though not actually different from the other days of the year, it still holds so much significance that annually people come together to celebrate their mothers and motherhood in general, because besides the fact that our mothers gave birth to us to sit and read this article at the moment, they also do so much more, more than we can begin to understand or possibly return.

All of us are guilty with the ‘Ammi ye kaam kar dain‘ ‘Ammi woh kaam kar dain‘ ‘Ammi baad me kar dun gi/ga‘ dialogues and our caring Ammi’s never seize to show us love despite all our faults and sneaky ways.

It’s the perfect time to try to return the favor this Mother’s Day and show your ammi just how much she means to you, and there’s a number of ways to do that. You just have to figure out what your mom would love the most.

Show Your Amma Some Special Love This Mothers Day

I know mostly all they reply with if you so much as mention a gift is you’re the best gift i could have, no matter how sentimental that is, but you can always surprise her with little gifts that express how much she means to you. It doesn’t have to be huge flowers or expensive jewelry, it can be a chocolate bar, or a small handmade card or a sweet little cake baked at home, or just a simple hug too.

The idea is to make her feel special, with what is within reach. And if there’s someone reading this whose mother is no longer among us, the best Mother’s Day you could ever get her is a true, heartfelt dua to the Lord for His mercy on her.

Our mothers are the reason we are, what we are today and it is no exaggeration that we would not be where we are today without their unconditional love, sacrifice and duas.

To all the mothers out there reading this, know that you are special and you are appreciated even if you don’t often get the admiration you deserve. May we all find it within ourselves to love and appreciate our mothers, to be kind to them and be able to truly express our gratitude as well.


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