Shehbaz Sharif’s Dream Of Converting ‘Karanchi’ Into Lahore Got A Huge Pothole!!

As soon as Shehbaz Sharif gave his remarks on the people of Karachi by calling them “pan khany, ghutkla khany wali zinda lashain” and further added that he will turn “karanchi” (pretty sure that was natural, he is cool, guys!) into Lahore, everybody spited out the gutka and pan to bash this paindu. Oh yes we did!

These statements are more than an idea for tweet or memes, this is racist. Twitter soon started a hashtag with ShehbazDisunitesPakistan and it is legit. Where most of the tweets where from various PTI accounts but none of them were wrong.

whoops!! there it is.

To Shehbaz’s embarrassment on 3rd July Lahore faced heavy rainfall due to which road collapsed and there is a huge sinkhole on mall road. Unfortunately, at least six died as well. The underground area of orange metro line was also affected. The weather department says the heavy rainfall will continue in Lahore and various cities of Pakistan.

Yes, but pretty sure we’re not in need of such big holes. Every politician promise to convert Pakistan into other countries so why not just sustain Pakistan as Pakistan!

Who ever asked this corrupt man to turn Karachi into Lahore? Nobody here in Karachi wants to eat donkey instead of cow meat or spit in potholes. Many people defended PMLN by saying that care government is responsible now (but how is it?). Rest being said, don’t bring politics into this and suggest many foreign country face the same case as a form of defense. So, we should bring politics in personal issues but not in administration during natural monsoon rain?


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