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Shazia Marri is a very popular and strong female Pakistani politician. Currently she is Member of National Assembly (MNA) from the constituency of NA-235 which falls under the Sindh province and this area is Sanghar-II. She comes from a very strong political family back ground. Her father Atta Muhammad Marri who was Member of Provincial Assembly (MPA) of Sindh, also served as a deputy speaker of Sindh assembly. And her mother Parveen Marri was also Member of Provincial Assembly (MPA) of Sindh. And most influential political figure in this family is her Grandfather Hajji Ali Muhammad Marri, was Member of Legislative Assembly of Sindh before partition during British raj.

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Political Career of Shazia Marri

Shazia Marri started her political career from provincial assembly. At the start of her political career she decided to join Pakistan People’s Party (PPP). She first elected as Member of Provincial Assembly (MPA) of Sindh in 2002 from the platform of PPP. During this period she held the provincial ministry of electricity and power. Then again in 2008 she was re-elected as an MPA of Sindh from the constituency of PS-133 on the reserved seat for women. She held the provincial ministry of information of Sindh from 2008-2010, under the flag of PPP. In 2012 she was elected as a Member of National Assembly (MNA) on reserved seat for women.  In 2013 general elections Marri ran for the national assembly in constituency NA-235 but she lost the elections, but in July 2013 she was elected as a Member of National Assembly (MNA) from NA-235 Sanghar-II.

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Shazia Marri Age

Shazia Marri was born on October 8th, 1972, according to her date of birth she is just over 45 years, and she was only 30 when she became MPA or the first time. Still she is sitting in the office as an MNA.

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Husband & Children of Shazia

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Shazia Marri was actually a victim of child marriage; she was only 14 when she got married, because that was a normal practice in different parts of Sindh Province. She got divorced with a child only after 2 years of marriage. Right now she is spending a good life and serving the people of Sanghar. She especially worked a lot with the NGOs working for the victims of Child marriage.

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Contacting Shazia Marri

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She can be reached at the following social media platforms



Pictures of Shazia Marri

Shazia Marri is an asset to PPP (Pakistan People’s Party). She is known for her bold stance on women empowerment and strife to make the lives of poor better. Don’t forget to see some more pictures of her!

shazia marri with asif ali zardari and faryal talpur

shazia marri with bilawal bhutto

shazia marri at a meeting

shazia marri interview


shazia marri at a sikh wedding

shazia marri at a wedding

shazia marri at a farm house

shazia marri at a press conference

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shazia marri during election

shazia marri with malala

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  1. Great Woman tendering her services in the remote area of Sindh backward area. She belongs to a family backgrounds political party like Atta Muhammad Marri I was known him personally with Muhammad Khan `Ghani` was his well wisher.

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