Shaz Khan is All Set For a New Drama With Zara Noor!

After Parwaaz Hai Junoon, Shaz Khan is coming back to TV.

The on-screen character has been thrown in a HUM TV drama called Lamhe, in which he’ll star close by Zara Noor Abbas.

In an interview to media, the Moor actor said he signed the drama since he was attracted to the story.

In Lamhe, his character’s dad is killed, after which he is sent away to London by his grandma. The drama,however, will center around his arrival to Pakistan to keep an eye on his grandma and connect with his underlying foundations.

Shaz Khan is All Set For a New Drama With Zara Noor!

Shaz Khan is for the most part known for his work in Pakistani film, despite the fact that he’s worked in shows previously. However, for the performer, a role is a role. He stated, “I don’t recognize show and film. For me, as a performing artist, the approach is the same. That being stated, I feel it’s additionally requesting to represent TV in light of the fact that in film, we shoot three to four scenes per day. Shows are more extreme and request numerous more scenes in a day. It’s thrice the quantity of scenes than a film’s shoot.”

Shaz Khan is All Set For a New Drama

However, he has a few traps up his sleeve that make the procedure less demanding for him: “As an on-screen character, we need to get our work done and be arranged so we are casual amid the shoots and can depict our characters effortlessly. That is the point at which you begin finding the depths of your character and the story.” Lamhe will be broad casted in the near future, the on air date has not been decided yet.

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