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Sharmila Faruqi (widely spelled as Farooqi) is one of the leading and gorgeous female Pakistani politicians from Karachi, Sindh. Before joining the politics she started her career from showbiz. She appeared in a drama series called Panchwan Mausum. She played her role along with all the big stars of Pakistani drama industry like Ijaz Aslam, Tallat Hussain and Gulab Chandio.

Sharmila Farooqi pictures

Sharmila Farooqi in Drama Panchwa Mausum

Sharmila Farooqi started her political career in 2005, before that she was a very active member and worker of Pakistan People’s Party (PPP). Sharmila was elected on the reserved seat for women from PPP and she served as an adviser to Chief Minister of Sindh. Total duration of her position as an adviser to CM of Sindh is just over 8 years. She is a very confident woman and is heading the media cell of PPP, that’s why she appears on most of the political talk shows. She is a very good speaker in defending her party and its leadership       against corruption allegations.  In 2001, Sharmila Farooqi and her father, Usman Farooqi, got arrested for a fraud of Rs 195 Billion. They both were investigated through NAB court.

Sharmila Faruqi

Sharmila Farooqi press conference

In Allah I place my faith… will live my life on my own terms… Politician by default

Sharmila Farooqi Mother & Father

Sharmila Farooqi’s mom, Anisa Farooqi is a gorgeous vibrant woman who is often found at fashion & high rollers gatherings. Her father, Usman Farooqi,  a businessman and a bureaucrat, also served as chairman of Pakistan Steel Mills. Sharmila is the niece of a very well known adviser of Ex President Asif Ali Zardari, Salman Farooqi. Basically she is not from a political family background but the family is financially very strong.

Sharmila farooqi mother Anisa Farooqui

Sharmila Farooqi Family

Anisa Farooqi mother of sharmila

Age of Sharmila Farooqi

According to her Twitter profile, she was born on July 23rd but the year is not specified there. It’s not a surprise, most of the Pakistani women, in fact, women around the world tend to hide their age. So, although her Wikipedia profile suggests that her birth year is 1978, that’s probably not true as well. According to the Sindh Assembly website, her year of birth is 1975, which probably is mentioned over Sharmila’s CNIC. So, her real age is unknown but if we consider the birth year as 1975, she turned 42 this year. And, she doesn’t look 42 at all!

(Ms. Faruqi or Mrs. Sheikh, whichever you like to call yourself, if you’re reading this, please do share your secret of not looking 42 & staying that cool)

Wedding, Husband & Children of Sharmila

At the age of 40, Sharmila  got married to a Wall Street investment banker, Hashaam Riaz Sheikh in 2015. Currently, Mr. Sheikh, her husband,  is an adviser of Ex President of Pakistan,  Asif Ali Zardari. They don’t have any children yet but are probably expecting soon.

sharmila wedding

hashaam & sharmila

Sharmila farooqi husband

family at her wedding

Contacting Sharmila Farooqi

Apparently, she is active over social media & can be contacted through Twitter or Facebook. *Pro tip*, just visit her Facebook page’s About section & send her a Facebook messenger request. She probably will respond 😉 or, you can also contact her through the publicly listed email address,

Sharmila Farooqi Mobile Number

Also, there’s a postal address also listed over the Singh Assembly’s website:

Bunglow No.85, Street No.14, Off Khayaban-e-Sehar, DHA, Phase-VI, Karachi.

Best of luck!

Twitter: Yeah, she has a Twitter profile & it took us some time to figure out if that’s her official profile or not. Well, it is her official Twitter profile:

Facebook: Again, it took us a while but yes, she has a personality profile page over Facebook as well:

Instagram: Ohh yes! Sharmila probably is one of the very few female politicians of Pakistan who use Instagram:

Pictures of Sharmila Farooqi

Some of the most stunning pictures of the beauty with brains. Don’t forget to share!

Sharmila farooqi photos

Sharmila pictures

sharmila farooqi contact

Sharmila Farooqi dance

Sharmila Faruqi wedding of brother in law

photos of sharmila farooqi

Sharmila farooqi wedding pictures

Sharmila Farooqi Age


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