Sharmeen Obaid Educates Pakistani Women on Their legal rights in Animated Shorts

Sharmeen Chinoy said that it’s time to educate Pakistani women in Pakistan about their legal rights in the country.

Two-time Academy Award winner Sharmeen Obaid-Chinoy has launched a new animated short Aagahi which plans to educate women in the country and spread awareness about the rights they hold.

Aagahi which accurately translates to alertness, and is a public service campaign and its first episode ‘How to Register an FIR’, is out.

The 2.30 minute clip tells the viewers through the crimes and procedure to register an official FIR with the local police department in Pakistan. The video is in Urdu and contains English subtitles.

Aagahi is a seven-month project in which 14 animated shorts will be released under the SOC films banner. The educational videos will be 2-3 minutes long and be narrated in Urdu (by Aaminah Sheikh) and other regional languages. They will describe and simplify the legislation which affect women; and give an impression of how the authorized provisions approved to them may be applied.

The series intends to focus upon the most generally asked questions: how to file an FIR, what does the law state on instances of domestic violence, divorce, cyber-crimes and inheritance and what is the procedure for reporting issues like these and who should be approached for help.

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