Sharif Family’s Accounts

After the historic dismissal of former prime minister Mohammad Nawaz Shareef, sharif family is under going a deep investigation ordered from Supreme Court of Pakistan. National Accountability Bureau (NAB) is investigating the references against sharif family. whole family decided not to appear in front of NAB court for questioning. Hassan Nawaz and Hussain Nawaz both are out of country along with their mother Begum Kulsoom Nawaz Shareef, who is also a candidate on by-elections in NA-120.

Supreme Court of Pakistan published all the documents to the public that were submitted by Sharif’s family, which includes all of their financial statements,  there wealth charts and also major banking transactions between the family. As they claimed in front of JIT team and before that Mr Nawaz sharif claimed that he sent cash gifts to his daughter.

According to this report Mian Nawaz Sharif gave cash gifts to her daughter every years for last 15-16 years, and for last 5-6 years the average amount of the cash gifts given to Mariam nawaz from her father Mian Mohammad Nawaz Sharif while he is the prime minister of Pakistan was 200 million Rupees every years. Mian nawaz sharif declared in court that he received foreign remittance in the form of cash transactions from his son who has a businesses in Dubai, KSA, and UK. During all that time when nawaz sharif came in to power and made his Government, his remittances were increasing accordingly. And according to this report total gifts and remittances Mr nawaz Sharif received since 2013 that amount was getting higher every year, and finally in 2016 he declared that he received total of  235 Million Rupees in remittance. and its all his personal and family money. this report gave you a good idea of Sharif family’s wealth, and their net Worth. and this report has been generated by State Bank of Pakistan.

here we have major details of their accounts and few major transactions made between Mr nawaz Shareef and his daughter Maryam nawaz. you can either download it in pdf format or can read it by clicking on the links/s below:

SBP Chart, Flow of Transactions 2008-2017


JIT Analysis on finances of Hassan Nawaz

JIT Analysis on financial documents of Mariam Nawaz Safdar

JIT Analysis on Kulsoom Nawaz finances


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