Shaniera Akram Wants Women To Be Appreciated

We all have heard that “behind every successful man, there is a woman”. It is true in some cases. But is that all? Though, a man is distinguished for his achievements, the woman behind gets a simple mention. No one actually talks about what essentially it takes to be at the back. It takes keeping herself secondary to his dreams. She surrenders her career, likes and dislike etc.

Who is not known with Shaniera Akram’s name? She’s the second wife of the king of swing, Waseem Akram. Shaneira may not have been a former sportswoman; she does not avoid doing from being a hero in real life. She stands shoulder to shoulder with her husband once it comes to supporting good causes. She was in recent times there for the Special Olympics Participants to cheer them up. Her twitter bio defines that being a woman is her superpower.

She really is a superwoman and she knows how to deal with the people who look down on women. She definitely wants women to be appreciated by others. She just hit a man on twitter who said that a woman’s Chai has a huge function to play in a man’s success. Guess what? she strongly disagrees with it. She said that there is more than Chai that a woman does for a man. And restraining her to her Chai making abilities is not good.

We entirely agree with her. Women need to be acceptable more often.


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