Shan Foods Warms Hearts With Its New TVC About Breaking Stereotypes

The new heartwarming TVC by Shan Foods reminds us that we may have let stereotypes get the better of us. Specifically gender stereotypes that is, and although a lot has been talked about breaking stereotypes for women recently, we haven’t done it nearly enough when it comes to breaking stereotypes for men.

Boys can love to cook and they have every bit of the right to shed a tear or two whenever they want. We need to find that fair balance where emotional expression is not limited to being feminine, we need to expand our definitions of what it means to be a partner when it comes to house roles, that kitchen doesn’t just has to be a woman’s domain.

This is what specifically impressed us about the new Shan advertisement that it rightly portrayed the changing definitions of  ‘only women are meant for kitchen’.  One notion that is so deeply engraved in societies the world over. And given that television in general and Shan Masala goes into practically every household and every inch and corner of the country, this truly is a brave and commendable step by Shan Foods.

What starts out as any other normal commercial of a Dad waiting to meet her daughter’s groom, aka dammad, along with his 7 hatte katte sons, it soon turns into something heartwarming that captures your avid attention, because you are rooting for the dammad and you want him to impress his in-laws.

And that is what precisely happens when instead of being that stereotypical well-built guy who’s good at horse riding, he wins heart by cooking the best biryani ever, when their cooks run away.

It immediately warms your heart knowing how comfortable the groom feels in his skin and the sense of pride he feels for the Biryani he makes and the simple joy that food can bring, it all just shows how we need as a society to be more flexible and broaden our horizons a little when it comes to stereotyping, so that next time if a man wants to help in the kitchen, he can do just that.


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