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An active political member of member of PML -N and a current member of national assembly .

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Age of Shaista Pervaiz

Shaista’s age is currently not known and neither we like to give our readers any guess.

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Education of Shaista Pervaiz

Shaista is very well educated as she completed her masters degree from the well known college of home economics in Lahore. For some time she also worked as a teacher and then turned her attention to social work . She also turned to politics after her husband did so in 1998.

As a social worker her main emphasis was always on teaching women how to stand on their own and how to be independent and also was a strong supporter of education for every child. She also help  raise funds so that the women of her area have no  financial issues in starting their own work and business. She also worked tremendously hard in collecting funds for the victims of earth quake in 2005

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Political Career of Shaista Pervaiz

Her career in politics started when she was elected on the seat reserved for women as the member of national assembly in 2013 . She was a PML-N ticket holder and her husband Muhammad Pervaiz Malik is also member of national assembly from PMLN.

She was  given position Of  the Secretary Women’s Parliamentary Caucus  in January 2014. She helped organized a numerous  activities including holding round table conferences regarding key matters that concerned women’s security, their role in decision and policy  making and economic empowerment like strengthening women police in Pakistan, women’s role in the matters of peace and abolishing  all forms of violence Against women of all ages.

She is also Chairperson SAARC Chambers Women Entrepreneurs Council .

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Contacting Shaista Pervaiz

Local Address: C-402, Parliament Lodges, Islamabad.




Some Pictures of Shaista Pervaiz

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