Shahbaz Sharif Refusing to Become Prime Minister

Those who were against Shahbaz Sharif becoming Prime Minister are now saying that he’s the only choice. But, sources are saying that Shahbaz Sharif does not want to become Prime Minister now. Whereas, Nawaz Sharif is forcing him to become one.

Shahbaz Sharif has tried to convince his elder brother, Nawaz Sharif, that the province of Punjab needs him. He shouldn’t leave the governance of Punjab at this stage. There’re a number of development projects that’re vital to PML-N’s success in coming elections of 2018 and without Shahbaz Sharif, delivery of these projects would become a question.

Also, Shahbaz Sharif has his own stature as a political leader. PML-N has completed four years of it’s government & remaining one year is full of uncertainty. If Shahbaz Sharif gets appointed as Prime Minister, he would have a very short time to prove his capabilities and this decision of Nawaz Sharif can backfire as a whole.

The best practice would be to let Shahbaz Sharif complete his tenure as Chief Minister of Punjab. Deliver the development projects that are underway. Make a senior member of PML-N the Prime Minister till elections and let Shahbaz Sharif lead the election campaign of 2018 as leader of PML-N. And if the party wins, which would have a bright chance if he’s able to deliver the projects in Punjab, Shahbaz Sharif will be the most suitable PM for Pakistan.

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