Shahbaz Sharif & Chaudhry Nisar in Favor of PM Nawaz’s Resignation

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Shahbaz Sharif and Ch. Nisar are in favor of resignation while Saad Rafique and Khawaja Asif are against resignation. All the Ministers of Muslim League (N) has been asked to stay on call, as they can be asked to visit Prime Minister House if needed. Also Entry to Prime Minister house for Anyone including journalists have been banned for now. Only those are permitted who have been called.”

Prime Minister of Pakistan, Nawaz Sharif is having a conference in Islamabad. He has invited all the leaders of Muslim League (N). The conference is about the JIT’s decision against Sharif Family. Governor of Sindh is also present in the conference and a decision is being made whether to appeal against JIT’s decision against them. Chief Minister of Punjab has also left for the conference.

The whole nation is waiting for the outcome of JTI’s reports against The Prime Minister and his family. Each opposition party seems to unite under same flag and they have asked Prime Minister to stand down from his post. Leaders of Muslim League (N) seem to ignore all the facts and figures given to the court by JIT.

Asad Umar, “JIT’s report has only one outcome. If Prime Minister had resigned, he would not be facing this situation today”.

Asad Umar, “Maryam Nawaz had submitted the fake documents to JIT”.

JIT’s report mentions that Prime Minister’s family could not disclose anything about the income and the information given to JIT as evidence was fake and not true. It was also confirmed today that U.A.E even denied any kind of deal among them and Sharif Family in the past related to any kind of industry mentioned in evidence given to JIT by Prime Minister’s family.

Pakistan’s Army had a conference as well where the General had mentioned very clearly that The Court System of Pakistan had their back regardless of the outcome from this investigation. The whole nation is united today to support The Court and its decision and that has given a significant boost in confidence of Supreme Court’s judge.

In the case against Imran Khan, Election Commission has adjourned the case till 21st of August 2017. “We don’t speak against anyone but when the case comes, we have to listen” Election Commission explained.

“Imran Khan cannot gain power from wrong ways” Chief Minister of Punjab, Shahbaz Sharif. “When they are asked questions, they either change lawyers or disappear overseas” Minister of Finance said this in conference where he was sitting among journalists.

Imran Khan said, “Whatever court ask me to submit for the case against me, I will be submitting it”.

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