Sexiest Nationalities of Men

List of top 10 sexiest nationalities of Men

Men and women, both have some preferences for the type of females they admire. The thing is that there’s plenty of discussion on online forms and other discussions about the female beauty but there’s not much of a hype about men. So if men can have preferences of beauty in women, why can’t women do the same?

People from different regions have different skin tone and face structure. Well, take Chinese and Koreans for instance, those folks have some peculiar face structure and one can recognize their ethnicity by simply looking at them. So down below is list of the sexiest nationalities of men which is based on the preferences of women from some famous dating sites.

List of Sexiest Men by their Nationalities

Down below is the sexiest nationalities of men according to the preferences of women on dating sites:

Sr. No. Sexiest Men
1 Irish
2 Australian
3 Pakistani
4 American
5 English
6 Scottish
7 Italian
8 Nigerian
9 Danish
10 Spanish


Why are Irish Handsome?

Remember Mr. Grey from Fifty Shades of Gray, well, he was Irish, and the Irish men might be on the top of the list because of this. Despite some thinking they might be ugly, the majority possess a smile so genuine and shiny black hair that women all over the world dig the Irish.

Women also admire the distinctive and sweet Irish accent!

Australian Men

Australian men somehow made it to the top of the list last year but this year, they came in second. There are many reasons why women find Aussies sexy and the major reason is their athletic bodies and their sun kissed skin. Aussies are conscious about fitness and they often tend to be active.

Why are Pakistani Men Admired?

On social media women describe Pakistani men to be different in their own peculiar way. Women state that the Aussies, Americans and the Irish are quite alike but Pakistani men have a unique face structure and skin tone that is really admired by women. In the media industry, actors like Zayn Malik, Fawad Khan and many others are really attractive for many women across the world.

Countries With Sexiest Women

Well, from these dating sites, we’ve also made a list of nationalities with the sexiest women as per the preferences of men on these sites. Well, in this list, Armenian made it to the top of the list and that might be because of the Kardashians.


1 Armenian
2 Barbadian
3 American
4 Columbian
5 English
6 Australian
7 Brazilian
8 Filipina
9 Bulgarian
10 Lebanese



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