Scientists Finally Invented A Solution For Your ‘Ganj’ Problems!

Baldness, what we call “Ganj” has been a huge problem among Pakistani men. Almost everyone in Pakistan is concerned about their hair, for at any moment, they might start to get bald. It is inevitable for men who have dihydrotestosterone receptors in follicles since it is a by-product of testosterone and the culprit behind baldness. In fact, the new generation has even recognized bald heads as a sign of maturity. But i’m sure all the “mature” people would like to read this. Some hope might help in this dark doomed world right?

Hey Guys! Scientists Finally Invented A Solution For Your Ganj!

Recently, researches at the Manchester University found a drug that was originally intended for osteoporosis BUT could serve as a new potential treatment for baldness. Previously used drugs, finastiride and minoxidil, usually caused problems like impotency. The balding also resumed after medications were stopped. The only other process was hair transplant which almost always lead to unpreventable headaches.

Hey Guys! Scientists Finally Invented A Solution For Your Ganj!

Recently, while testing a new immunosuppressive osteoporosis drug Cyclosprine A, scientists discovered a valuable side effect. It can cause hair growth by suppressing the action of SFRP 1 which prevents hair from growing back.. Even hair regrowth on the head was observed on the scalp of 40 men. But it had many serious side effects. However, this discovery gave them hope and they started to test similar substances using pharmacological knowledge, the best one being the WAY-316606. The drug promoted hair regrowth and without the side effects!

Scientists Finally Invented A Solution For Your Ganj

Even though work is needed to turn this into an effective treatment, scientists have become hopeful that sooner or later, this accidental discovery may turn into a legit treatment for baldness. So keep your hopes up men! Your hair will blow in the wind again!


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