School Registration Procedure & License Requirements in Pakistan

A school means a private managed university, college, school, technical, professional, vocational or commercial institution imparting any type of education by any system of education or medium of instruction in Pakistan.

Private School Registration Procedure in Pakistan

All privately managed institutions have to get themselves registered with the Registering Authority. Every institution or its branch running under the same management or name at different premises shall be registered separately. The following procedure shall be followed for registration:

  • An institute has to submit the application to the registering authority accompanied by documents & fee. No registration fee shall be charged from institutions located in rural or urban slum areas being run on a non-profit basis.
  • Upon receiving of application for registration, the registering authority shall constitute an Inspecting Committee and forward this application to this inspecting committee for its recommendations. The Inspection Committee shall submit its recommendations to the Registering Authority within thirty days of the receipt of application.
  • The certificate of registration will be granted after consideration of the report of the inspecting committee and after making such further inquiry as it considers necessary, for a period of five years, which may be renewed on the payment of fees.
  • The registering authority may also reject the application. In such a case registering authority shall record reasons for rejecting the application. Provided that no order of refusal shall be made without giving the person concerned an opportunity of being heard.

Registration, License or NOC Conditions to Operate a School in Pakistan

After registration the following are the terms/requirements which have to be followed by institution:

  • No donation from a student, voluntary or otherwise, for development projects of an institution shall be permissible
  • The fee structure of an institution shall not be interfered with by the Registering Authority but fee shall not be increased during the course of an Academic year.
  • The facilities allowed to a student at the time of admission shall not be subsequently withdrawn or reduced.
  • The institution is also required to furnish to the registering authority the audit report and a report on the working curricular activities of the institution each year.
  • An institution shall be subject to monitoring by the Registering Authority and for the purpose the Registering Authority or any person authorized by it may enter and inspect any institution with a view to see that such institution is maintained in accordance with the provisions of this Ordinance, rules and the terms and conditions of the certificate of registration, and the management of the institution shall afford all facilities for carrying out a proper inspection.
  • The pay scales of the Teaching staff and non-teaching staff, allowances, leave facilities and other benefits shall be at least commensurate with the pay and allowances admissible to such staff in a Government Institution and the deviation, if any, shall be subject to approval of the Registering Authority.
  • An institution shall allow concessions to deserving students and award scholarships to the students having meritorious record; provided that at least 10% of the total strength of students in the institution is granted full free-ship.

Renewal of School Registration with Authorities

The Annual Registration or renewal of registration fee of an Educational Institution shall be equal to one month tuition fee charged by the institution at its highest tier class. The fee to be deposited with the State Bank of Pakistan / National Bank of Pakistan or the District Treasury under the “head 1251- Education Miscellaneous Receipts” and the receipted copy of the challan shall be attached to the application.

Cancellation of School Registration in Pakistan

Where the Registering Authority, on receipt of a complaint or otherwise, after making such inquiry or inspection as deemed fit, is satisfied that there is a contravention of any of the provisions of the Ordinance or Rules or Term or Condition of the certificate of registration or any order passed or instruction issued by the Registering Authority, it may, after giving an opportunity to the person concerned of being heard, suspend or cancel the certificate of registration.

Provided that where the default as mentioned above is capable of being remedied no order of cancellation or suspension of certificate of registration shall be made unless an opportunity is provided to the person concerned to rectify such default within the specified period.

Where the Registering Authority rejects an application for registration or suspends or cancels the certificate of registration the aggrieved person may, within thirty days from the date of the order of the Registering Authority, prefer an appeal to the Government and the order passed by Government shall be final and given effect to by the Registering Authority.


  1. I want to register Montessori to Class 8th School in Rawalpindi. Any one who provide service for complete documentation and registration of school please contact me.

    1. Assalam o Alikum bro nursary class k liye lincess mil jata hai keya. or kitna ko kharcha ho jata hai. jaga farnechar toys bacho k liye sub kuch daal k…..??

  2. Assalam o allaykum
    I want to start a preschool where i just want to Help students to study in a proper way from a new activity based learning and moreover it is my passion too . Can u plz help me about the license and registration procedures???

  3. i want to register my school i want proper person to deal the all school matter regarding school Registration

  4. Hi, i want to introduce school from nursery to middle providing qualited education could you let me know the cost of required license pls.

      1. Hi. Can you be please kind enough to inform about the same procedure as i want to know the requirements to open up a school in Lahore from Pre-Nursery till grade five.

        1. hi Nida
          We are opening UK based schools in Lahore and Islamabad. you may contact us if you wish to meet up for a discussion.

  5. Hi. I am from Balochistan, I would like to open a private academy for computer skills development on a rural area Balochistan. So kindly, let me know how to register it by the government authority. Send me all of procedures which are required with address, your this act of assistance will be appreciated… Muhammad Ayoub Baloch From District Mall Noshki.

  6. Hi. Can you please advise on the Nursery school as well for babies.. how to apply and where and any contact no please.

  7. Shall be obliged if you will kindly advise contact details of the registering authority for a school to be established in Karachi along-with the website for getting Registration Form printed.

  8. Please inform me of the contact details of the registering authority for a school to be established in islamabad.

  9. “The Annual Registration or renewal of registration fee of an Educational Institution shall be equal to one month tuition fee charged by the institution at its highest tier class.” One month tuition fee of a single student, or of a whole class? Please clarify.

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