Save Your Facebook Account From Hacking

Recently around 50 million Facebook accounts were hacked around the World including Pakistan. The Facebook confessed that accounts were hacked in a way that hackers could use them as their own accounts.  There is no sure way to know if your account was hacked because not only the hacked accounts were logged out but as a precautionary measure Facebook reset other 40 million accounts as well. The investigation is still in process and  the motives of hackers are unclear.

At first it was thought that Facebook refrained users from spreading the news further on the social platform. Users were blocked from sharing news from platforms like The Guardian and Associated Press. It was analyzed that Facebook might used the ‘Flagging content technique (which is used to avoid spreading fake news) to stop the post sharing, the notification said ‘action is blocked due to a lot of people sharing it’.

Later, Facebook through twitter announced that the cause of system’s such behavior is unknown but the bug is resolved. This is other example of often Facebook automatic software malfunction and  not a manual action but still strange why it would affect this particular story. Suffice to say, that it definitely set up a bad image for company.

For the sake secure entertainment these steps should be taken especially if your account was not logged out.

  1. Log out your Facebook from everywhere including app and browsers on phone and computer/tab because the hackers gained access to the equivalent of digital keys that are used to keep us logged in i.e. when we use option ‘save password for site’. To go “security and login” in setting and logout from everywhere.
  2. Change your password if it is similar to other accounts password. Although the Facebook tried to assure that there is no need to change it but the investigation is still going on and the motive of hackers are still hidden. In case of another attack your other accounts would not be affected due to a different password.
  3. Use an authentication app and turn on two-factor authentication on Facebook.

In another news Facebook has also found guilty to use numbers provided for two factor authentication (receive a code to verify identity)  to achieve targeted advertisement behind the scenes. This is the reason you find relevant online ads even though you have never search about it on Facebook

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