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He is one of the senior members of the Pakistan Peoples Party and a very seasoned politician with regards to election.

Age of Sardar Ali Muhammad Khan Mahar

He was born on 12th of January 1967.

Education of Sardar Ali Muhammad Khan Mahar

He has a B.A degree.

Political Career of Sardar Ali Muhammad Khan Mahar

His career in politics began when he  decided to contest in elections in 2008. Being his first experience in the elections , he was remarkably able to win by beating his rival and thus became a member of national assembly .

In the next elections , in 2013, it came as no surprise when he was given the ticket to contest in the elections. PPP wasn’t disappointed this time around either as he was able to defeat his  opponent this time around and secured his place in the National assembly .

He was also appointed as the 25th Chief minister of sindh in 2002. Though , he resigned in 2004.

Contacting Sardar Ali Muhammad Khan Mahar

Permanent Address: H. # E-27, Gizri Blueward Defence, Phase-IV, Karachi

Local Address  H-212, Parliament Lodges, Ibd.

Contact Number: 0300-2220222



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