Sanam Saeed Gave a Solution for ending up #MeToo!

Sanam Saeed is that one artist in the Pakistani showbiz who doesn’t just look nice yet is in reality more impeccable looking than many. People adore her for effortlessness. The huge number of her fan base is actually fan of her acting and her innocence.

Sanam has a place with the sort of celebrities who gets into the role and overlooks herself. She began her profession from modeling and she could set fire on any ramp whenever she appeared. As recently, she worked in a Pakistani movie ‘Cake’ where she is sharing the screen to Amna Shaikh as her sister. They both were great!

A couple of days ago Sanam added to the discussion of MeToo where she shares her contemplation on why and by what method should we can lift the shroud from the harassers! Why ladies shouldn’t remain quiet.

Sanam supporters everybody who’s overcome enough to approach and stand up to all such individuals who holed up behind the cover of a “decent person” and escape with it.

She proposed to simply acknowledge the wrong and apologize! Ensure that it never transpires else in future. At exactly that point this could reach an end. All things considered, will there ever come a day where we would hear more ladies say NotMe rather than a huge number of ladies enduring and droning MeToo?!


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