Sanam Baloch Change in Name on Instagram Raised Eyebrows

The most recent subject of talk is Sanam Baloch. Her shocking demonstration? Changing her Instagram handler from Sanam Abdullah to Sanam Baloch Hisbani.

Sanam Baloch Change in Name on Instagram

And that was it!

That is all it took for fans to think that the host is experiencing a separation with spouse Abdullah Farhat. And keeping in mind that numerous fans are crushed, the way that they thought of this as “separate from affirmed” is disturbing in itself.

Sanam Balochon Instagram

The ‘Dastaan’  artist and Abdullah got married in 2013 just about four years prior however Sanam’s significant other has been absent from her Instagram posts for a long while. The artist even went for South East Asian visit with her friends just a couple of months back.

Sanam Baloch Name change

Nonetheless, all of the theories of a split or partition were put to rest when Sanam’s representative denied all the current gossips, saying that the couple has not separated. In a media talk, Sanam’s representative stated, “There’s nothing! News about Sanam’s separation are only gossips and that’s it.”

Sanam Baloch Change in Name

He included, “Her fans are speculating a direct result of her changed username on Instagram. That was done on the grounds that she needed to keep her surname and cast under the light.”


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