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Samina Baig is the first and the only woman of Pakistan to climb Mount Everest in 2013 at a very young age of 21 years. She climbed all the seven summits by 2014 making Pakistan proud.

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Samina’s Age and Marriage

Samina Baig was born on 19th September 1990. She is currently single.

Education and Career of Samina Baig

Samina Baig is from Shimshal village in Hunza, Gonjal, Pakistan. He started her training as a mountaineer at the age of 15 years by her brother Mirza Ali Baig. She was the student of arts and at the age of four she started climbing. Because of the area from where he belongs it was easy for her to proceed with her passions in climbing. Since 2009 she is the professional climber and apart from that she is employed as a mountain guide and expedition leader in Hindu Kush and the peaks of Karakoram. SCO (special communication organization), telecom operator in Azad Jammu Kashmir and Gilgit has made her the brand ambassador. She competed in the challenge of climbing the seven highest mountains around the whole world.

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Samina Baig Brother

Samina Baig’s brother has played a vital role in her success as he has been her trainer. He climbed mountains with her encouraging her to pursue her dreams. He approximately 248m short from the summit of Everest let his sister go on it on her own so that she can be the one and only female of Pakistan to climb it along with encouraging and setting the example of women empowerment.
The record of climbing seven summits was made by her at the age of 22 years and she was along with her brother. They after that flew to Russia, summiting Mount McKinley on 3rd July, 2014. They have captured and made Pakistan proud by waving green flag on different mountains of Europe like Mount Elbrus which is 5642 meters tall.

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