Saman Ansari Looked Gorgeous on Her Wedding

Saman Ansari is one of the most brilliant faces of Pakistani drama industry. The lady has demonstrated her courage over and over again with her performances. A frightened mother in Darr Si Jati Hai Sila, a personification of egotism in Khaani or a woman facing the domination of society in Sammi, Saman has managed to excel in every role.

Now she has entered a new stage in her life. The actress was in the USA for quite some time and after that she publicized her marriage. In her stunning and breathtaking pictures, Saman surely seems content and happy in her life.

Saman loves to share her wedding pictures with her fans and we are so glad she is! She really likes to show off her eyes and why wouldn’t she? They are spectacular.

What do you think while looking on Saman’s conventional yet beautiful look? Don’t you think red is made for her? Because she looks drop dead gorgeous. Share your thoughts about Saman’s wedding look in the comments below.


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