Salman Abid: حکمران طبقہ کی داخلی کشمکش

PML-N & its leader, Nawaz Sharif is in very difficult situation. Although he has faced a number of such situations but this Panama Papers issue is proving to be much more. He has been in confrontation with institutions because of his political issues and have been calling this a fight for democracy. He’s trying to make this Panama Papers case another fight for democracy but it’s not that simple anymore. This time the question is not of a political nature, these are the allegations over his family about corruption.

Read Salman Abid’s column, حکمران طبقہ کی داخلی کشمکش, in Urdu:

Salman Abid Urdu Column Hukmaran Tabqa Ki Dakhli Kashmakash

This Urdu column by Salman Abid was published on 20th July, 2017.

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