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Mr. Saleh Muhammad is a celebrated politician of Pakistan. He comes from Baffa. He is a very wise and intellectual person.

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Age and Education of Mr. Saleh Muhammad

Mr. Saleh Muhammad was born in Baffa. He is a Muslim and practices Islam. He has done intermediate in Fine Arts.

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Marriage and Children of Saleh

Mr. Saleh Muhammad is living a happy family life. He is happily married. He has six children who are all very obedient and dutiful. His father’s name is Khaista Khan. He is a very hard working person who has earned success through his devotion.

Saleh Muhammad Career in Politics

Mr. Saleh Muhammad is a well known and reliable politician of Pakistan. He is serving in the Khyber Pakhtunkhwa Assembly. His career spans from 2013 to date. He is a humble person in nature. He has always stood for the rights of his people. He has made a name for himself from the roots of politics. He is continuously raising issues in his constituency at the government doors. He is a strong promoter of democracy, implementation of the constitution, equality of rights and protection of minorities. He believes in the peaceful co-existence of all.

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Mr. Saleh Muhammad holds the General seat in the KPK assembly. He is associated with the right-wing political party known as Pakistan Muslim League. This part has main driving support from Punjab. The leader of this party is Nawaz Shareef. Mr. Saleh is part of the constituency of PK-55 Mansehra-III. He is also a committee member of several committees. He is a member of the Standing Committee No. 8 on Higher Education, Archives and Libraries Department, a member of the Standing Committee No. 29 on Housing Department/Provincial Housing Authority, a member of the Standing Committee No. 15 on Information and Public Relation Department.

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Contacting Mr. Saleh Muhammad


Permanent Contact: Mujahid Abad Bajna Mara Post Office Baffa, Tehsil & District Mansehra. 0321-5555037 Address for Receiving Notices Room No. 13- E MPA Hostel, Peshawar

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