Saleem Safi’s Urdu Column نوازشریف، پاناما اور سی پیک (Nawaz, Panama & CPEC)

This Urdu column was published in Jang News on 18th July, 2017. There is no doubt that America & India are the leaders in wishing a political chaos in Pakistan. And, there is no doubt that China is the only country in the world that wants peace & prosperity in Pakistan. The fact of America backing the Musharraf for military rule in 1999 is also evident. It feels like America is doing the same again. America wants to bend Pakistan to an extent that we bow to India & Afghanistan. India & America seems on the top list of countries that want to end democracy in Pakistan.

Read Saleem Safi’s column, نوازشریف، پاناما اور سی پیک (Nawaz, Panama & CPEC) in Urdu:

Saleem Safi Urdu Column Nawaz Sharif Panama Aur Cpec

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