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Saleem Raza Jalbani is a strong and famous politician from Sindh Assembly. He is affiliated with Pakistan People’s Party Parliamentarians.

Age and Education of Saleem Raza Jalbani

Mr. Saleem Raza Jalbani was born on 21st of June 1964. His father’s name is Haji Darya Khan Jalbani, who also holds an influential position in his area. He was brought up and born in Karachi. His prime language is Sindhi. He got his qualification in Bachelors of Art from Sindh University. Professionally he is a land lord. He traveled to Saudi Arabia for performing his Islamic ritual ‘Hajj’

Marriage and Children of Saleem Raza Jalbani 

Mr. Saleem Raza Jalbani is happily married and is proud to be a father of 3 kids. He raised them religiously strong and obedient. He follows Islam as a Religion.

Saleem Raza Jalbani’s Career in Politics

Mr. Saleem Raza Jalbani is currently working with the Sindh Assembly whose tenure spans from the year 2013 to date. He works with the constituency of PS-25 Shaheed Benazir Abad-II (Old Nawab Shah-II). He is a politician who is been working since along ago in district Shaheed Benazir Abad which is named after a late and leading figure of Pakistan People’s Party Parliamentarians. He is an able person who never felt ashamed of raising his voice for the rights of human of his community. His current official position is a Member of Public Accounts Committee as a Chairperson. To understand politics he has lived for a long span of time with his people. He holds a strong position in his constituency and raised its bar.

Contacting Saleem Raza Jalbani

Permanent Address: Village Haji Khan Muhammad Khan Jalbani, Deh 53 Nusrat Taluka Daur P/O Daur

Present Address: C-27/28 Housing Society Nawa

Constituency Address: PS-25, District Shaheed Benazirabad Taluka Daur.

Cell No: 0300-3223308.


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