Sacred Games To Be Censored Or Not?

Netflix first original Indian mini series “Sacred Games” (season 1) was a success but it was also 21+ show since it contained explicit scenes and foul language. Amazon Prime, which has censored content on its streaming platform. For example, one of the episodes of the motoring show called The Grand Tour is listed as only 30 minutes long on Amazon Prime, while the original is actually one hour. The half-an-hour difference is the sum of cuts made to remove all references to a car made of meat.

Earlier it was rumored that the second season of sacred games will be broadcast in a censored version I.e no foul language or explicit which makes up the majority of the episode.

The Print published a story titled that Netflix India has agreed to self-regulate content on its streaming platform after a meeting with the Information and Broadcasting Ministry that was held on 25 October along with headline “Netflix has riled some sections in India with explicit violence & sex. But the firm says it has not agreed to censor its content.” and stated that the sources are reliable government links. 

Netflix has trashed all rumors that it would censor anything of the show while broadcasting in India. A spokesperson denied Netflix’s presence in any such meeting. “The information quoted is inaccurate and entirely false. Netflix was never in this meeting,” 

Whereas, the Print report said, “Yes, there was a discussion of self-regulation and Netflix and Hotstar agreed that they should regulate their content.”

A meeting was held between the I&B Ministry and several tech companies, Representatives of 21st Century Fox, Intel Sat, AFNT India, Intel India, Google, Star TV India, Apple, and the US-India Business Council including Netflix, an official, on condition of anonymity, said that there was no concrete discussion or agreement on self-regulation. This meeting is supposed to have taken place on 30 October, according to the official.

According to sources one of the directors shared that there are no instructions conveyed to us to tone down scenes featuring sex, nudity, or violence as a preemptive measure.

In 2016, the ministry of information and broadcasting India, had said it would not censor online content but since several petitions has been filed by NGOs to censor explicit and religiously sensitive content, they had no other choice.

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