“Sach Zimmedari k Sath?” PTV’s bias standards

When someone talks about PTV we all get nostalgic because we have all grown with this institution, it introduced a separate news channel and other national channels in our lifetime. We all saw how its logo, chorus and motto changed many times over the course of our lives. Its our national institute, no doubt. But its slogan “Sach Zimmedari k Sath” has not been true, ironically enough and we know why.

Despite PTV representing itself as the national institute with the responsibility of the integrity and honor of the country, it worshipped the commands of the Government Ruling at that time. We all know the famous examples of how the biggest issue of our National Television is always the “American Sundi”.

Everything is okay when you watch PTV, the air changes, environment becomes peaceful, you get to know when politician’s acquaintances died or where they are cutting ribbon or how they hugged orphan children and gave loads of rations successfully to the underdeveloped areas. Basically everything is opposite from the grim reality we see everyday.

All the news is so biased that even bias is a neutral word for explaining this. Nothing except the chores of the leading party will be displayed, no news of the sit-ins, no update about other than leading party.

Funny thing that you notice is that with each era you observe a change of anchors and news casters on the channel, it’s like these specific anchors are from the noon league, (PPP), the ones who supported Musharraf. There is a season of anchors, talk shows and MDs as well. Now, when interim Government comes, something miraculous happens. The national TV channel is all neutral now, they divide equitable and generous time for every party, every press conference, each protest. They announce the news objectively, change the extravagant titles of “muhtram” and “Janab” to sole names and more importantly the best news anchors in town join PTV in the time of election.

This “mahol” happens until… new government comes and wipes the neutral faces, the non partisan talk shows and news content and fill them up with their praises once again. Its my personal opinion that the national channel should be always like it is in the times of interim government, independent body because it is the state representative. There is nothing wrong with American sundi or a message to “kapas k kashtkaar” but the nobility and morality that is expected from it should also be considered important.


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