Saba Qamar Overacting or It’s Just Qandeel’s Character?

The drama series, ‘Bhaagi‘ has been creating hype in Pakistan. There are people who are loving it and then there are those who hate it. This shows the two extremes of Pakistani audience. Saba Qamar is a terrific actress. She has a repute of taking over any role that she is given, in a perfect way. She carried ‘Qandeel’s character in a terrific way as well. But now the audience has started to complain about her being going too much over the board in the character playing of Qandeel.

The people are not realizing that Qandeel herself had overacted the things that were going in her life. This gives Saba Qamar an approval to act this way. If we look at the story line of real Qandeel, she had to face challenges at the beginning of her career. Afterwards, she realized that she needs a little drama to get ratings. Saba’s overacting is a mirror image of the drama that Qandeel created daily in order to get attention and ratings.

Now you decide, doesn’t it make Saba even a better actress? It’s harder to follow someone’s ‘overacting’ rather than a simple act.


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