Rules, Procedure & Guidelines for Garments Export Business in Pakistan

In view of the fact that main raw material and skilled manpower is available in Pakistan, scope for garment exports from Pakistan is unlimited. Effective marketing plays a very crucial role for making this business a success. Export orders can be generated either through local or foreign buying houses that have their presence in the country and source export orders for foreign customers from local industry. The other way to get export orders is through direct marketing in the international markets while initiating contacts with potential customers directly and/or through participation in international trade fairs, exhibitions etc. In the absence of export orders, other factories that have excess export orders can also provide sub-contract work on CMT basis.

Guidelines for Garments Export Business in Pakistan

In order to enter into the export business of garments, following basic guidelines can provide help to any new comer in this business:

  • Ensure best quality at all costs. This is a basic key for a successful exporter in the garment exports.
  • Commitments with buyers regarding quality, price and shipment are basic essentials to enter and grow in the export business. Pakistan has lost much business and goodwill due to this factor alone. Therefore, for any newcomer, commitments with the buyers should be met very seriously.
  • Sourcing of export orders, through several apparel buying houses based in Pakistan, can be a good startup point of marketing efforts. The prices offered by these buying houses might be lower than those of direct orders, but at least they can be good entry point and learning experience for new exporters.
  • Many garment factories are considering it worthwhile setting up their overseas offices and warehouses in the potential markets. Overseas office cannot only assist in sales, but also keep the garment factory continuously informed about the latest design changes, buyers’ requirements and market trends. Warehouses of supplier(s) in the customer’s country make it convenient for the customer to make the purchase decisions effectively as in this case customer gets the required products on LDP (Landed Duty Paid) basis and without any hassle of being involved in shipment and import procedures.
  • The professional marketing staff and owner(s) should regularly visit international clothing fairs, shows and exhibitions. Such events provide very promising opportunities to penetrate in the international markets, meeting new customers and negotiating orders.
  • In order to be successful in the market, it is very important to be active and quick in response to the customers. Being flexible with buyers regarding their requests and requirements can help to develop mutual understandings with them. Many buyers themselves guide the manufacturer in correct designing, fabric and accessories selection and procurement, improvements in production and quality control etc.
  • Regular subscriptions with local and foreign textile trade and fashion magazines will ensure the flow of latest marketing and trade information to the exporter.

Regulations For Garments Export in Pakistan

Being the export-based unit, tax exemptions are available on earnings and profits. Also, government offers re finance facilities, incentives in terms of rebates, and duty free machinery imports.


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