Roxen is back with its latest track “Mere Saathiya”

Back in 2013, the band came together but the performance was for a Bollywood movie. Roxen band was featured in Indian film Murder 3 with their song Hum Jee Lenge but their manifestation on the Pakistani music scene has been close to no one. Furthermore at the moment, after 5 solid years, we have Roxen the band, announce a fully fledged album, marking their official return to the Pakistani music set-up.

Mustafa Zahid, Roxen’s lead singer in recent times shared a picture on his Instagram featuring him and the beautiful model Sadia Khan in their latest song Mere Saathiya. The single, which is one of the 9 songs the band has intended from their comeback album “Bhoola Samandar” is all set to release in the second week of November.

Mustafa Zahid stated on the band’s official comeback that Roxen has been going firm from the time when it started. We’ve been doing global performances here and there but over the years every time we focused on a song, it would habitually end up in a film. On the other hand, it was last year we decided that we needed to do free music and here we are all geared up with “Mere Saathiya.”

Adding up more about their forthcoming song and album, Mustafa shared, “Bhoola Samandar will be our first album for the year. We have 9 songs planned with 9 different music videos for each. For now, Mere Saathiya is being officially distributed on all international platforms through T-Series. We’re also in talks with them for the complete album and hopefully a deal will be struck.”

“Like us, T-Series too felt a need to promote good soulful music and this track appealed to them. We had been planning a comeback since 2-3 years and this felt as the right time. Back when the band culture was dying in Pakistan and platforms like Coke Studio were getting bigger, independent music took a back seat. But if you look at it now, the hype of such platforms is dying and bands are coming back with a bang. So here we are, putting our energies into creating something exceptional for all our listeners,” added Mustafa Zahid.


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