Role of Religion in Society

No doubt religion has a deep impact on our society. It plays a dynamic role in our society. The relationship is always changing between religion and society. It depends on the change in religion that how it will affect the society to change and in which way. Different societies are affected in different ways. It all depends on the religion. It is a driving force in the society but as narrow-minded rather than a radical way.

According to the anthropologists, religions started as the movement of enlightenment and revitalization for societies seeking more inclusive answers to their glitches. The easiest way to express religion is to state to it as “belief in or the worship of god or gods”.

According to the Karl Marx, religion is the sigh of the oppressed creature, the heart of a heartless world, and the soul of soulless conditions. It is the opium of the people. The eradication of the religion as the deceptive contentment of the people is the demand for their real pleasure. To call on them to give up their misapprehensions about their condition is to demand on them to give up a condition that requires misapprehensions. This helps us understand the mass plea of the religious impostors of the television screen, as well as the work of Liberation Theology in joining the poignancy of religion to the energy of innovative movements in wretchedly poor countries”.

Religion is also a beacon of hope for those who follow some religion. For example, if a person is poor, he/she might not commit theft as he/she believes a day will come when he/she will get a fair trial for his/her patience and get what he/she deserves. But, on the other hand, an atheist will think of it as a short span of life that he/she should spend whole-heartedly no matter what the cost. He/she may commit crimes without having the fear of any god. Atheists don’t have a religious restriction on them that bound them to commit only good deeds. They don’t believe in the concept of afterlife so they won’t really be afraid.

In other words, religion helps guide our behavior by giving us accountability for our actions in the afterlife.

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