Robots Taking Over Humans!

Recycling iPhone is a time-consuming procedure for the company because of the continuous need to update iPhone, the set is replace by the consumer in little time. Taking apart whole set and storing maintainable parts could be nauseated. (yes, some parts can be fixed. Surprise! Surprise!)

source: Information Science Today
Apple’s robot Liam
source: AppAdvice

The Worldwide known company ‘Apple’ introduced its first experimental robot in 2016 called “Liam” to take apart the iPhone model and now in 2018 has introduced its new robot “daisy” . That the company says it can take apart 200 phones per hour more effective than a human. It is programmed for all iPhone models except iPhone X along with categorizing the internal components for later fix and claims that the facility uses 100% clean energy.

Apple’s robot Daisy.

The company keeps itself updated for the ease and smooth going but could there be any updates for the smooth going of product itself.

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