Robbin Williams: A Brave Fighter of Mental Illness

We all know and love the great comedian and actor Robin Williams whose movies touched us so greatly. We’re going to talk about them in detail today. Two very famous of his movies are “Good Will Hunting” and “Dead Poet Society”.

Good Will Hunting

Good Will Hunting is about a janitor who happens to be a brilliant mathematician and is unaware of the popularity and benefits he can gain from it. Apparently, he lacked emotions and continuous relationships. He avoided emotions and pushed people who care for him. He meets a girl who he feels is “the one” and then due to his mental instability to process emotions pushes her away as well. One of his colleagues gives him a job seeing his calibre and assigns him as a project to a fellow of his who is a renowned psychiatrist and a professor at some university.

The role of psychiatrist is played by Robbin Williams and after a few sessions he earns his trust and helps him let out his emotions. The point to ponder in that movie is the intensity and involvement of Robbin in that character. The empathy he ensured to the other character and how he saved him from falling into the pit of long illness and further devastation.

Dead Poets Society

The second film “Dead Poet Society” has Robbin Williams in a similar role. In this movie he is acting as a very kind and different teacher, who is concerned about the real life grooming of his students. He takes his students to field trips and assigns reading assignments from different books. He assigns confidence raising activities and indulges into the personal lives of students, solving their family issues and providing them with counseling. In short, he portrayed a perfect mentor. The point to focus on in this master piece is same as above “The empathy he ensured”.

A few days back I was reading a short biography about him and leaned how he committed suicide. It was a bit  strange for me to take it keeping in view the depth he portrayed in the characters mentioned above. He literally made the audience feel at home, when internally he himself was facing the terrors of life. He had many psychological diseases. It made me feel the void and artificiality of the showbiz world and how this is unhealthy. Seriously people, take care of yourselves.


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