Ripple “XRP” Value Can Rise Any Minute

Ripple had a bad start of new year. Price dropped as low as $1.60 on some exchanges. Unlike other cryptocurrencies Ripple has recently finalised a deal with Major company MONEYGRAM. MoneyGram has announced that it will be using Ripple’s platform. It has been a great news so far for many who have invested in Ripple. Price, within minutes, sky rocketed and gave enough confidence for buyers to deal in Ripple. Bitcoin, Ethereum and other cryptocurrencies have seen downfall since South Korean minister tried to place a ban on trading all cryptocurrencies. Unlike others, Ripple use a secure platform and it’s major deal with MoneyGram had been a great news. Ripple seems to have a stable value for now, dealing between $1.7 to $1.8 while writing this. So far owner of ripple has been right about Ripple deals with financial institution. It is still trading on a low price and there are more chances that price of ripple will increase and may skyrocket as many people like to say. Investors are expecting more companies to sign up soon.

Ripple value

Ripple may turn out to be next bitcoin and it has proven many rumours wrong so far about being a failure. Other cryptocurrencies are also in a downwards trend but Ripple has shown stability within its community. It has gain it’s strength back and it will be more valuable with time. MoneyGram has shown that Ripple has uses within the community and because of its international use, it will be next big thing.


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