Ripple ‘XRP’ Rise Again

Ripple is making a big come back after a fall within a week. All major cryptocurrencies fell more than 40% in one week. Ripple was priced just above 0.90 Dollar a day ago. Prices plummeted more than 50 percent in many digital currencies after the news from South Korea’s Minister trying to ban trade but no such law was passed.

Today, Ripple’s price is soaring again and while writing this, the price has recovered more than 40 percent from its lowest. Ripple has made a quick recovery more than Bitcoin and Ethereum. Experts are expecting prices to rise more as many major investor got their hands on Ripple as soon as it dropped under $1.

ripple price on the rise

Ripple is going at $1.4 which is a significant gain of above 40 percent from its losses. Many people still believe that it has potential to reach at least $4 by the end of February or March and it may go above $4. South Korea has is not banning cryptocurrencies but it has been trying to bring in laws so people can deal with it through a legal system. No laws have been passed so far and investors are begin to realise that digital currencies are here to stay for long and may even change the payment system we are used to with today.

Ripple has been backed by Major company such as MoneyGram and it seems that Ripple is not going anywhere as long as internet exist.


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