Rimal Khan and Her Alleged Relation With Imran Khan

Rimal Ali, a female Transgender disowned by family at young age and constantly abused has made her way to top despite the struggles. A generalization about the third gender in our society is that they belong either in prostitution, begging or dancing in events like Shaadi or birth of a child. Hence, the hardships a transgender face in our society to enter any reputable industry must be well noted and accepted.

It doesn’t take much verbal efforts to drag a person through dirt and It seems like Rimal Ali has unfortunately become a victim of such drag. Reham Khan claims that her Ex husband Imran has had physical relationships with other people while being married to her. And according to her she came to know about them in a direct conversation with her ex-husband. Rimal Ali has with much disappointment and confusion uploaded a video regarding the rumor published in a book internationally.

In the Video she has denied allegations of any physical relationship with Imran khan and has requested to keep her out from politics that would damage her image and family since she has worked extremely hard to gain the position she has today.

Picture credit: daily Pakistan

Even though the book haven’t been distributed in Pakistan at all but the leaked PDF took the nation by storm . Earlier Hamza Ali Abbasi’s rage over Reham claims (before the book was published) raised questions in support and against the book. The recently viral video of Rimal Ali is gaining further intense doubts on the authenticity of Reham Khan’s memoir.

The regulation of media lacks authenticity in Pakistan for mere reason the absence of proper institutions and intellectual reasoning of the news among people. It should be duly noticed that Reham Khan has published a memoir that is a biography based on personal knowledge, which can not be verified or even labelled as false. Any opinion formed from memoir is itself a pure subjective view excluding the element of objectivity.

It is important to analyze, critique and understand the propaganda and context of material before regulating it further or believing it, be it a newspaper or TV channel or book.

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