“Revival Of Cycling”, A Unique Event Held in RWP/ISB

SLC, Silverliners club, is a non-profit organization founded by a bunch of students of COMSATS University Islamabad. The students had three goals in mind, upon which they wanted to work formally and with sophistication. To look after the golden agers, to provide the young ones with quality education and to empower youth. They own already built, less maintained schools and start to fund and take care of them by providing them with tools and technology and a hardworking faculty to promote the kids to join school. They visit the golden agers at old homes and be with them at important occasions when they have no one to look upon. SLC under its third agenda organized a very unique event “A bicycle rally”. It has never before done in the history of Pindi.

The goals were to encourage youth to get out of their homes and take some time off their laptop screens to observe the city. Another reason was to make them aware of the importance of exercise and using bicycle for their daily tasks more often as it will help us coping up with the global warming as well. The event has been distributed over 4 phases, first phase was routed on Murree road. Next phases will be on Faisal Avenue Islamabad, F-11 and PWD/Bahria. Medical and traffic safety facilities were provided by SLC. Arround 100 people joined the first venture including people from every age group. The environment echoed with the slogan “Cycle chalao sehat banao” as the rally proceeded. Next events are coming up soon, get yourselves registered here.


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