Result of Panama Case

Panama case has entered into the final stages of it’s result. While addressing to the National Assembly, Prime Minister of Pakistan, Mian Nawaz Sharif had announced on May 16th 2016, that he has all the records of his assets and sources of income. But, this record was not presented to the JIT or to the Supreme Court. Judges of this esteem court of Pakistan had mentioned this to the lawyers of Sharif family that they had been waiting for the income sources & money trail from day one. They were also reminded that the Prime Minister had said that he’ll bring forth these documents. PM Nawaz has also forgotten the promise he made to the Pakistani nation on 22nd April that if the allegations over him would be proven true, he’ll resign immediately.

The Lawyers of Sharif family have alleged the JIT of exceeding their investigative limits by recommending to reopen those 15 cases in NAB to trial Sharif family about their assets. The Supreme Court has clarified that the Sharif family has to produce money trail after declaring that they own London apartments.

Result of Panama Case by Ikraam Sehgal

This Urdu column by Ikraam Sehgal was published on 22nd July, 2017.

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