Requirements & Procedure to Get a New Gas Connection

There are three types of connections available for applicants, depending on the usage of Natural Gas, which are as follows:

  • Domestic
  • Commercial
  • Industrial

The registration procedure and evaluation varies with the type of connection being applied for.

Domestic Gas Connection in Pakistan

The application form for obtaining a domestic connection (Urgent or Ordinary) of Natural Gas is available free of charge from the Sui Gas office and it can also be downloaded from

The form is submitted to the regional office along with the following documents:

  • A copy of the applicant’s identity card
  • Photocopy of registry of land proving the size of the plot for which the connection is required.
  • Gas bill of the neighbour to nearest to your home
  • In case of new area or first commissioning in lane mention on application as new area.
  • At the time of submission of the form an acknowledgement letter is given to the applicant which states that the department will contact the applicant in approximately 6 six weeks.
  • A sales representative surveys the site of the applicant and checks whether the site is online or common.
  • The site is considered online if the Gas pipeline is laid close to the site, and is considered to be common if a gas link is within 5 feet of the applicant’s premises.
  • The sales officer submits a drawing of the site to the officer in-charge
  • The in-charge sales officer reviews the case and an entry is logged with dates referring to the date of acknowledgement, and the survey.
  • After the entry a demand notice is issued to the applicant
  • The applicant submits a security deposit, which is calculated according to the area of the site.
  • The accounting department forwards the case information to the sales department within a week of the payment of the security deposit.
  • The sales department issues a Consumer Master Card (CMC) in the name of the applicant and the Gas Connection is provided to the applicant within one week.
  • The consumer is allowed to lay the in-house piping for the purpose of connection, the authorities provide the connection and the meter
  • After the meter has been installed, the consumer master card is forwarded to the billing department for processing. The billing department is also responsible for monitoring the monthly bill.

Commercial Gas Connection in Pakistan

If the consumer is not producing a finished product and requires a gas connection for usage on business premises, then the applicant is termed as a commercial consumer. The commercial consumers are further classified as:

Low pressure commercial consumers

  • Low-pressure commercial consumers are those who are running a commercial concern and are using up to 300 cubic feet per hour of natural gas
  • The applicants are required to pay the security, calculated on the load being used, in addition to Rs. 5000 as service line charges which is the fixed amount for low pressure commercial consumer
  • The monthly charges include sales tax, with holding tax and meter rent

High pressure commercial consumers

  • High-pressure commercial consumers are those who are have a usage of more than 300 cubic feet per hour of natural gas
  • The applicants are required to pay a security, which is calculated on the basis of actual load being used, the total installation and service line charges required to get the high pressure commercial connection.
  • The requirements for this connection are the same as those for an industrial connection, however the tariff is higher.
  • The monthly charges include sales tax, with holding tax and meter rent

Industrial Gas Connection in Pakistan

The consumer is defined as an industrial consumer on the requirements, which are as follows:

  • Whether the business concern in producing finished products or not.
  • The amount of load is being used by the consumer
  • Where the consumer/business concern is using 500 cubic feet of natural gas and is producing a finished product, maybe categorized as an industrial consumer.
  • The sales tax, with holding tax, and Meter Rent are included in the monthly bill.
  • Some businesses producing finished products may be classified as low-pressure commercial consumers on the basis of the load of gas being used. The final classification depends on a physical evaluation and survey of the premises conducted by the sales officer

The sales representative conducts a physical survey of the applicant’s site, and makes an estimate of the load of gas to be used by the applicant at the business premises. The load is calculated according to an approximate appliance flow rate, which calculates the amount of gas to be used according to the appliance being used. The load of gas to be used is different for different businesses, such as boilers, large stoves for hotels, casting machines, steel factories etc.

Requirements for Commercial & Industrial Gas Connection in Pakistan

The process for obtaining a commercial gas connection or an industrial gas connection is similar to that of a domestic connection. This has been outlined below:

  • An application form is submitted with the Sui Gas Authorities, and a survey of the premises is conducted in approximately six weeks of the issuance of the acknowledgement slip.
  • The security deposit is to be submitted after the issuance of the demand notice.
  • The amount of security to be deposited is calculated according the load of the Gas used by the consumer.
  • The Service line Charges for a low-pressure commercial connection
  • The service line charges for high-pressure and industrial consumers is the actual cost that occurs in the installation.
  • The Sui Gas Authorities use an approximate appliance flow rate to calculate the security and service line charges.
  • This is done by calculating the average load of gas used by the appliance or machine, such as a boiler, a casting machine etc. these charges are added to the security.
  • The approximate appliance flow rates are rates that are calculated according to the load of gas being used by the applicant.
  • On the basis of this a three-month advance bill is required to be paid in addition to the security deposit.
  • The security fee for commercial and industrial applicants is equivalent to estimated 3 months of gas consumption/connection load.
  • For an Industrial Connection, the applicant is required to pay the service line charges the material to be used in installation, in addition to the security deposit.
  • The application-processing fee for commercial applications is Rs. 500 for both high and low pressure.
  • No processing fee is charged for an industrial Connection.
  • The tariffs for commercial consumer are higher than that of an industrial consumer.
  • The commercial connections are provided on a first come first serve basis.
  • The approximate time period, for domestic and commercial connections is eight weeks.
  • However, the time for installation of an industrial connection depends on the applicant as to when he submits the demand notice with the security deposit. Once this is completed the process of installation of the connection is initiated.

Documents Required for Gas Connection in Pakistan

  • National ID Card Photocopy
  • Photocopy of layout plan of factory premises
  • NTN or TR certificate from Income Tax Department in respect of your concern
  • Photocopy of registry of land/factory (if you are owner)
  • Photocopy of lease agreement (if you are tenant)
  • Photocopy of partnership deed along with list of partners giving their father’s name, permanent addresses. GIR numbers etc, (in case of partnership)
  • Photocopy of certificate from registrar of firm in case of registered partnership
  • Power of attorney in case of Partnership firm, in the name of the person who is authorized to sign of behalf of the firm
  • Memorandum of articles (for limited firm) along with copy of resolution for power of attorney from the Board of Directors of the firm
  • Affidavit of Proprietorship/Ownership (In case of sole Proprietorship)
  • For an industrial connection an Annex ‘A’ has to be submitted by the applicant as well


  1. We the residence of super heaven apartment sector 5D surjani town are deprived of gas connection for the last 18 months, it’s a new project of Lee super builders & developers,can any one tell me where to register my complain?

  2. Hey! we have applied for Sui Gas in July 2017 Immedietly after the supply of pipe lines in our town at New Abadi Nazakat Market Sohan Islamabad. From the day till now we are waiting for a connection.
    i want you to pay a great attention on this comment. please notify me about that..

  3. I am not satisfied with the service of sui gas department of lahore.I was applied for gas connection in year 2018.although it was a long service case yet it was approved by RM in Mar 2020….what the fuck of ………go to HELL

    1. but I am very much satisfied by services of SNGPL. after paying urgent fees I got connection with in two month. SNGPL service specially at their HQ was found excellent.

  4. SSGC Low Pressure Contractor New Gas Connection k liya rapta karin Hyderabad Region ,Tandojam,Tando Hyder & Matiari. Sales Executive State Life Insurance Corp Hyd.03033010250 03142804513.

  5. I am not satisfied with the service of sui gas department of Sargodha. I was applied for gas connection in year 2010, although it was a long service case yet it was approved by RM in Mar 2016. I have visited many time for provision of service but nobody pay attention to this matter. They neither refuse nor do work. I need help for the case. Your cooperation in this regard will be highly appreciated, please.
    Abrar Hussain Chak No. 109 S.B Tehsil and District Sargodha

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