Requirements for Admission in Aitchison College

Aitchison College is known as being one of the best schools in Pakistan. The institute has produced some of finest gentlemen and famous personalities in the history of Pakistan. Some of the alumni are, Zafrullah Khan Jamali, Shan Shahid and  the legendary athletes like Imran Khan, Rameez Raja, Wahab Riaz. Aitchison College was established in 1886, which makes it 130 years old and Aitchisonians have been making their mark in different walks of life since then. This school is a semi private, boys school, for both day and boarding students.

This college is famous for emphasizing on character building, which is why Aitchisonians are famous for their charismatic personalities. The institute is not just famous for the academic laurels it has bagged, it is also famous for the co-curricular activities that the management greatly emphasizes on. Societies and groups are responsible for holding activities that make the life of students very busy. This institute is one of Pakistan’s largest and is spread over 200 acres, has a beautiful building and serene environment that may leave you awestruck. Aitchison College is divided into three schools, junior school (grade 1-5), prep school (grade 6-8) and senior school (grade 9-13, O and A levels).

The admission tests are held in the month of June, applicants are given the syllabus for each grade and they have to prepare accordingly. After the test, shortlisted candidates are invited for individual interviews and then comes the final list of the lucky ones who get the green signal. There is no ‘kinship’ category when seeking admission in Aitchison College and everyone gets an equal chance to get admission. Any other queries related to admissions can be mailed at

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